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B2B Marketplace is a Industrial Supplies directory offering trade leads for bearings, plastic machinery, molds, ball valves and fastners.

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Quality Transmission Components
Seller of Gears
125. Railway Road Avenue, Garden City Park, NY.11040-5016
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Selecting stock metric gears has been simplified since the introduction of our catalog, Q410: The Handbook of Metric Gears. In addition to the product offerings, this 456-page catalog contains a comprehensive technical reference section entitled "Elements of Gear Technology". The topics covered include the principles of involute gearing, gear dimension calculations, the definition of backlash, plastic gear design, elements of gear accuracy, principles of surface contact, methods of lubrication and methods for noise reduction. The product section includes detailed specifications for our complete offering of:

Metric Spur gears
Metric Helical gears
Metric Screw gears
Metric Ratchets & Pawls
Metric Gear couplings
Metric Worms & Worm Wheels (Standard & Duplex)
Metric Ring gears (Internal & External)
Metric Involute splines (Internal & External)
Metric Racks (Straight, Helical & Flexible)
Metric Miter gears (Straight & Spiral)
Metric Bevel gears (Straight & Spiral)

These products are offered in sizes from module 1 thru module 10, in materials that include alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum bronze, brass, cast bronze, nylon, and acetal.
NOTE: Our catalog Q410 is currently out of print. We are working to expand our product offering and a new catalog, Q420, will be available in the late summer '06. Please note that all of our products including the new items are detailed in our online catalog.

In November 2002, QTC added over 9,000 off-the-shelf timing belt pulleys, belts, belt and roller chain tensioners and other power transmission components to our offering. These products designed for use in prototypes or for production applications are featured in our companion catalog Q460.

The 368 page catalog features Econobelt brand timing belts and pulleys in 11 different profiles: MXL, XL, L, HTD3, HTD5, HTD8, T2.5, T5, T10, AT5 and AT10. The belts are made of fiberglass-reinforced neoprene and the pulleys are made of steel, aluminum and nylon.

The catalog also includes over 330 Zetasassi belt and chain tensioners which are designed to improve performance by keeping constant tension in your chain or belt drive. These maintenance-free tensioners are designed to reduce noise, transmit torque more efficiently, decrease wear, plus increase the life of your belts and chain.


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 Mechanical /Gears




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    Phone : 516-437-6700
125. Railway Road Avenue, Garden City Park, NY.11040-5016 Fax : 516-328-3343
USA Mobile :
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