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B2B Marketplace is a Industrial Supplies directory offering trade leads for bearings, plastic machinery, molds, ball valves and fastners.

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Flow Line Options Corp.
P.O. Box 1115, Medina, Ohio 44258, USA
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Looking for flow meters, level tranmitters, pH analyzers, recorders, transmitters, or other process instrumentation? Flo-Corp is your online source of the finest process instrumentation. We simplify the purchasing process, providing a round the clock source of instrumentation. Our experts can help you select the right:

Flow Meters, including direct reading, magnetic, turbine, vortex shedding, ultrasonic (both doppler and transit time), open channel, pressure differential, capacitance, and positive displacement.
Level Gauges, including ultrasonic level sensors, radar technologies, and level switches to provide complete level monitoring systems for any industrial or water treatment requirement.
Transmitters, calibrators, analyzers -- everything you want for flow, pressure, and temperature monitoring.
Gas Detection transmitters, sensors, analyzers and controllers.
Analytical Systems for pH/Redox (ORP), dissolved oxygen and conductivity.
Chart recorders, including single and multiloop PID video control recorders and data loggers for process variables.
Wireless and Internet based monitoring and Controls including duplex pump pontroller, SCADA interfacing and data acquisition systems.
Panel meters for process measurements and universal process displays with 4-20mA input and control outputs.


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    Phone : 330-722-2552
P.O. Box 1115, Medina, Ohio 44258, USA Fax : 330-723-0680
USA Mobile :

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