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B2B Marketplace is a Industrial Supplies directory offering trade leads for bearings, plastic machinery, molds, ball valves and fastners.

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P M I s.p.a
14-29020 Gossolengo ( PC)
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The company that today goes by the name PMI S.p.A. was initially established in 1980 under the name CMO. Initially, the company concentrated exclusively on the design, development and manufacture of small-scale wheeled and tracked excavators.

In order to cater effectively to the requirements of its ever-expanding client base (including several large manufacturers), CMO decided to diversify into the design of applications based around hydraulic circuits and special components for excavators and other construction machinery made by all the important names in the industry.

In 1987, having markedly increased production of special tools and equipment, the company split into two separate entities, CMO and CMO2. CMO2 dealt with the design, assembly and sales of the machinery, equipment and tools that were manufactured by CMO.

In 1992, CMO2 also assumed control of all manufacturing activities.

In 1997, as CMO2 continued to take on more and more commissions, it was decided to increase the size of the business dramatically. All activities were transferred to a new facility, where the company is still based to this day, and a large number of extra employees were recruited.

In 1998, CMO2 acquired the PMI (Padana Macchine Industriali) brand and its associated technologies. In the period before it was taken over by CMO2, PMI ranked as the No.1 Italian manufacturer of hydraulic excavators. The purpose of CMO2's takeover of PMI was to allow the former to produce special excavators designed for specific tasks such as demolition, sheet piling and channel cleaning. As such, the machinery made by PMI after 1998 was not in direct competition with that made by CMO2's major clients in the construction industry.

The acquisition made it possible for CMO2 to diversify in to the construction not only of complete excavators but also of special equipment and components suitable for all types of base units. Simultaneously, PMI's expertise helped to improve yet further the quality of the products being manufactured - an improvement that has been well-received by the market in Italy and overseas.

Recently, CMO2 has transformed itself into PMI S.p.A., a joint-stock company. The motivation underlying the name change is to give continuity to a longstanding Italian brand (PMI) that is universally respected for the quality of the machinery and special equipment it produces. The mastery we have developed over the years allows us to enter into technical


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 Earth Moving /Vehicles




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    Phone : (+39) 0523.779121
14-29020 Gossolengo ( PC) Fax : (+39) 0523.778121
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