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B2B Marketplace is a Industrial Supplies directory offering trade leads for bearings, plastic machinery, molds, ball valves and fastners.

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Online Seller of Electrical Motors
78 Hickory Ridge Rd, Hampstead, NH 03841
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1. We offer thousands of quality automation products designed and built by some of the best manufacturers in the industry . Our name brand products come from companies such as Baldor, Baumer Electric, CMC, Copley Controls, Digital Devices, Galil Motion Control, Logosol, Mijno, Nyden, Patlite, and Pittman (just to name a few).

2. Everything - Online ! No more wasted time waiting for information to make your decision. We have everything you need instantly available online, from pricing and delivery to spec sheets and owners manuals.

3. We do it your way. We don't want you to change the way you do business so we give you several ways to order from us - by fax, phone or on-line, with purchase orders or with credit cards.

4. We keep you informed. If you order on-line an Automatic e-mail confirmation will be sent to you acknowledging your order (and thanking you for it !!). A second e-mail is automatically sent when your order is shipped (complete with UPS tracking #).


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    Phone : (603) 329-8151
78 Hickory Ridge Rd, Hampstead, NH 03841 Fax : (603) 329-9591
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