Membership Benefits & Demo   Annual Subcription : 15 USD pay by paypal


------------------------------------------------Front page your product display--------------------------------------------



5 Nos - Products allowed
5 Nos - News & Events - allowed
1 No - Logo
1 No - Banners Allowed
Gif ( Animation ) image banner will rotate random in front page of Directory
Products will be displayed in front page of our Directory
Products display will rotate random


have facilities to update your products images any time for upto 1 year maxium  


---------------------------------------------------------Products Page -----------------------------------------------------------------

Product page which appear shown in the figure
Products Menu
1. Product Image
2. Product Desciption
3. Net Price & Packaging
4. Your Product Display
5. Expiry date


----------------------------------------------------------------Zoom Product Image--------------------------------------------------

visitors may click thumbnailed images to view a larger version

------------------------------------------------------------Other features---------------------------------------------------------------

1No : Front Banners Allowed

View and add reviews for listings. Allow visitors to add reviews for listings, and view the reviews left by other visitors right from the listing display page.

rating system is included for all listings. Allow users to rate listings on a scale and display a 5 bar display showing their ranking.

Mail to a Friend
Allow visitors to mail information about a listing to an email of their choice.

Send Message
Allow visitors to contact listing owners through a web based form.

Allow visitors to print listings in a clean printable page format.

Website Link
Display a link to the listings website. Display the actual link or mask it with text such as "View Website". Administrator options include using Javascript click tracking or normal redirect click tracking.

  Membership : 15 USD
  pay by paypal


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